Buddhist Vihara Society in BC

On the Esala full moon day in July 16th, 1989, a group of forty people gathered at H. W. Fletcher Housing Co-op in Vancouver to listen to a talk on Buddha's Path. This was an exciting talk. A hat was passed around to collect the rental fee for the hall. Subsequent to the talk, the idea of meeting once a month was tossed around and heartily endorsed by all the participants.


Special Events

2016 Jun 10

The Ven. Dr. Mirrisse Dhammika 3-day meditation retreat program will be held from

2016 May 21

The Ata-Sil (Eight Precepts Observance) for Vesak Poya Day will be held on Saturday, May 21,

2016 May 28

The Vesak celebration and pirith chanting program in this year will be held at the temple